Hi! I'm Ayush!

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Hi! I'm Ayush Zenith

I am currently an undergraduate student @ Northeastern University in Boston. I plan to major in Computer Science. I am currently a part-time SWE @ Abris.io. I am interested and have well versed experience in Blockchain and AI/ML development. I also have some experience in other sectors including Computer Vision, Data Science, Backend Development, etc. I am proficient and enjoy working in Python, Java, and C but have experience and open to learn and work in other languages as well.

Apart from being an avid Computer Science enthusiast I am a tinkerer, gamer, and martial artist. I have an unbreakable bond with food. My second love following food is probably sleep. In my free time I love to binge TV or anime. I love playing chess (though I wish I was good :/ ). I have been practicing taekwondo and karate for 10+ years now and compete at Northeastern in Taekwondo as well. Once in a while I get on the mat and grapple as well!

If you have any projects in which I would make a great addition to your team or if you would like to talk to me, feel free to shoot me an email or tweet @ me!